Michelle Forbes Joins The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

OOH!  I hated Michelle Forbes on Battlestar Galactica!  She wasn’t an awful actress or anything like that… I think it was quite the contrary and she was just so despicable; you had to hate her!  At any rate, according to NERDIST, she has joined The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay – Part 2!  (That is one heck of a a title!  They’re going to need a bigger movie poster!)  She’ll be taking on the role of Lieutenant Jackson and will help do battle against the Capitol.

I wasn’t aware, but I guess Natalie Dormer (of Captain America:  The First Avenger fame), Gwendoline Christie (from Game of Thrones), and Julianne Moore (from a whole bunch of movies!) have all also signed on for the film.

The movie is due to be released mid-November 2015.
Michelle Forbes 2009a Comic-Con

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